How One Woman Eliminated Her Pain With These New “Miracle” Socks

Olivia Jones, a 61-year-old retired nurse from Melborne, prides herself on being an active and fun grandmother to her 7 grandchildren. Over the years Olivia started experiencing more and more pain in her body, especially in her feet. After going to see her doctor she found out that the aches and pain she had been experiencing all throughout her body actually all stemmed from her feet. Her doctor recommended she look into compression socks to help her with the excruciating foot and lower back pain she was experiencing.

“I remember not wanting to ever get out of bed some days because I knew how much pain I would be in if I went on as usual,” said Mrs. Jones. “After spending nearly 30 years working on my feet for 10-12 hours my body slowly but surely started to slow down. I loved my career but the last few years really took their toll on me. The pain started in my feet but after a few years my lower back pain had become unbearable. Running around and playing with my grandchildren quickly became to much to manage.

Olivia scoured the internet searching for the compression socks that her doctor had recommended to her. The sheer number of brands that were selling this product that she had never heard of was overwhelming to say the least. One day she was at her physical therapy appointment when she saw a man that was being treated wearing compression socks. Without hesitation Olivia walked over to the man and introduced herself. The two began making small talk about why they were in physical therapy and eventually Olivia said to the man "My doctor said I should try compression socks, do you like them?".

The man smiled and went on to so say that he had been using the socks for about two months and that they changed his life. He continued explaining to her that he was hardly able to walk due to severe plantar fasciitis that he developed while working construction. Olivia mentioned to the man that she had searched for a pair online but was skeptical that something that looked kind of silly would actually work on her severe foot pain. The man instantly started laughing and said that he felt the exact same way but after a few of his coworkers swore by a brand called Coppen Zen Socks he decided to give them a shot.

As soon as Olivia's physical therapy was over she said goodbye to the man that suggested she try the socks and rushed to her car. As soon as she shut the door she pulled her smartphone and searched for the brand the man recommended. Coppen Zen Socks popped up right away and they had a ton of great reviews from customers that had similar stories to the man she met at physical therapy. She bought them right away and a few days later they arrived at her home.

We talked to podiatrist Dr. Alan Smith to see if the hype for Coppen Zen Socks is justified. Here’s his take:

“It's hard to believe that something as simple as a sock can provide long-term relief to people that suffer from foot pain but that’s just what the do. Compression socks and Coppen Zen Socks specifically compresses arteries and veins to promote healthy blood flow which leads to quick pain relief. Furthermore, it acts as a buttress for the entire inferior of the foot—from toe to heel. It’s quickens recovery from foot injuries like plantar fasciitis; while also providing permeability and structural compression for those that exercise frequently.”

Smith continued:

“I urge all of my elderly patients and patients with foot pain to wear Coppen Zen Socks , not only to alleviate pain, but as a preventative measure to eliminate unnecessary future pains. To be honest anyone with a semi-active lifestyle should be using these everyday. They provide support, comfort, and protection against wear and tear. Your feet will thank you.”
“I've seen way to many doctors simply prescribe pain medication to people that suffer from aches and pain. I have personally seen numerous patients start using Coppen Zen Socks and within a month get off of their pain medication. To put it plainly they flat out work.”

Dr. Smith’s endorsement wasn’t enough for us, though—we needed to try Coppen Zen Socks for ourselves.

As an avid runner, and yoga enthusiast, I felt compelled to buy a few pairs of Coppen Zen Socks for myself to see what the buzz was about. The product arrived in just 3 days and was packaged in very informative fashion that explained exactly how to use them. I popped onto my feet and went on a run as usual. To be totally honest I don't suffer from pain usually but I can say they did make a noticeable difference. My ankles felt like they were supported slightly more than normal and when I finished my run my feet weren't sore in the slightest. They're easy to slip on since they are one-size-fits-all and you can either where them alone or with "normal" socks over them.

My feet are normally pretty sore after I do my weekly 5 mile run. I decided to slip my Coppen Zen Socks on for my long distance run the first week I had them and they 100% made a noticeable difference. I normally have to stretch and massage my legs and feet after doing 5 miles but when I got home I literally felt like I could go run another 5 miles. The following day I did just that and ended up running a 10-mile run in record time. I know it might sound funny but my feet felt like they’d been running on pillows instead of pounding the pavement for over an hour.

I ended up buying 6 more pairs of Coppen Zen Socks a few weeks later and I even bought my dad a pair (he’s 83 years old and arthritic and poorly from the early stages on Parkinson’s). He’s often incapacitated from leg pain. When he does move, he dodders and plods. It’s a struggle.

With the help of Coppen Zen Socks (and maybe a bit of luck)—believe it or not—he was able to dance like he was in his 50's again my wedding! My family was in awe when they saw him moving around the way he was. Everyone was asking what he had done to get his mobility back and I told them all about how Coppen Zen Socks have been changing people's lives. He’s been more mobile and happier ever since I introduced him to Coppen Zen Socks.

As you can tell, Coppen Zen Socks are the real deal and are a must try for basically everyone. There are thousands of stories about Coppen Zen Socks giving people their mobility and happiness back. These socks are literally a life changer.

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